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Race overview

Dear Triathletes!

Your start at the Poznan is a big step. I’m well aware of the excitement that accompanies the preparation before the day of testing your own abilities. There are many questions in your mind: am I ready to take race ?, is  everything is properly prepared, how to get to the starting point? I am unfortunately not able to help you with the question of whether you are ready to race, whether you have properly trained and whether you have chosen the right distance. You have to answer these questions yourself. I will try to answer your questions, which  are related to the organization and start of Challenge Poznan 2017. For details please refer to our website www.challenge-poznan.pl and to the competition informer, which will be available on Our website in the week before the competition and in paper version you will receive in the start package.

Before the start

When preparing your equipment and packaging for your trip, make sure your equipment is in good condition and everything you need to get started during each stage is packed. Many times during our events we encountered people who had forgotten the wet suit, the helmet or other important things, which was the reason for not appearing finally on the run. Please be sure to check if all items are prepared and packed. You should prepare for your race

1. Triathlon suit / swimsuit.
2. At water temperatures below 14 degrees. (56.5km distance) and 16st. (112,99km). Wet suit is mandatory, but at higher temperatures is an option!
3. Swimming goggles.
4. Nose / ear plug – if you usually need them.
5. Foam Removal Agent – We do not recommend olives or Vaseline because of the neoprene effect.
1. Bike
2. Helmet – absolute obligation!
3. Bicycle glasses.
4. Cycling outfit (if you do not use triathlon outfit).
5. Bicycle shoes.
6. Socks.
7. Hand pump or Co2 + spare cartridges.
8. Spare tube + tire spoons or tire seal (useful during start-up so as not to waste time changing the inner tube).
9. Set of keys with impulses.
10. Water Bottles.
11. Bag for storing energy bars and gels.

1. Running shoes.
2. Clothes (if you do not use a triathlon outfit).
3. Socks – if we need them, and we did not set before the bike stage.
4. Cap.
1. Photo ID .
2. Strap for start number – we put the pin number after the swimming stage.
3. Slippers – useful before the swimming stage.
4. Scissors.
5. The second pair of running shoes (one pair will be left in the zone of change, the other one will be useful just before the warm-up).
6. Clothes for warming up.
7. Gels and energy bars.
8. Extra cap – useful in case of cold water
9. Sunscreen lotion with a large UV filter.
10. Watch / heart rate monitor + chest strap.
11. towel.
12. Insulation tape – a lot of use when attaching equipment to a bike.
13. Grease to the chain.
14. Bike cleaning pads.
15. Large standing bicycle pump – it is easier to get high tire pressure with it.
Spare tires and tires – in case they are damaged on the eve of the competition.
17. Gum Recipes – Useful for attaching your bike to your bike in the optimum position.
If you say at the last moment that you have forgotten something, the Expo Zone will be open at the event office, where many sporting goods stores are located. You will find there a number of products that are necessary to take off. Nevertheless, for your peace and the restriction of stress related to the start, I would not leave the issue of shopping for the last moment. Expo will be open for you in the following hours:
22.06 14: 00-20: 00
23.06 08:00 -20: 00
24.06 07:00 -20: 00
25.06 06:00 -17: 00
The Start Zone, Change Zone, Race  Office and Expo are located in POSiR Malta, (Wiankowa 3, Poznań 61-131). Once you arrive at POSiR, we welcome you to receive your startup packages. Our professional office will be open for you in the following days and hours:

22.06 14: 00-20: 00
23.06 08:00 -20: 00
24.06 07:00 -20: 00
25.06 06:00 -17: 00

In the starter pack you will find a  cap, start number, armband for all areas and number stickers. This year, during Challenge Poznań, different cap colors are used for different distances. The color of the start number determines the distance at which we start. Place stickers with the numbers included in the starter pack please follow the guidelines given in the description, ie under each sticker there is a description of where to put it.

n the starter pack you will find a boot cap, start number, armband for all areas and number stickers. This year, during Challenge Poznań, different bonnet colors are used for different distances. Please write useful information in the event of an accident if you need medical intervention. The color of the start number determines the distance at which we start. Place stickers with the numbers included in the starter pack please follow the guidelines given in the description, ie under each sticker there is a description saying where to attach it. Stickers that you receive must be sticked accordingly: big sticker on the seat post, two small stickers on the front and side of the helmet, sticker on the deposit bag, commemorative sticker.

Once you have picked up your starter pack and prepared your equipment for the competition, you are ready to put your bike into the change zone that will be available in the following days and hours:

23.06 14.00 – 22.00 placing bicycles into the T-zone for a distance of 28.25 km and 56.5 km

24.06 6.00 – 7.30 possibility to enter the T-zone for distance 28.25
6.00 – 9.30 possibility to enter the T-zone for a distance of 56.5

13.00 – 16.00 reception of bicycles from the T-zone for the distance of 28,25 and 56,5

17.00 – 22.00 inserting bicycles into the T-zone for a distance of 112.99, relay and 226

25.06 5.00 – 6.30 possibility to enter the T-zone for distance 226
5.00 – 8.30 possibility to enter the T-zone  for a distance of 112.99 and relay

15.00 – 24.00 reception of bicycles from the T-zone for distances 112.99; Relay and 226

The introduction of a bike is only possible after showing the start number. When entering the zone, the judge will also check the technical condition of the bicycle helmet (the helmet must be fitted and fastened) and the technical condition of the bicycle. The T-zone is protected by a professional security agency both during the competition and during off-hours.
IMPORTANT! This year we are returning to the T-zone with a changeover system using bicycles specially prepared for this purpose (instead of the bag system). It is a system used during other events in the Tri Tour cycle (JBL Triathlon Sieraków or Marbruk Triathlon Charzykowy) and Poznan in the years 2013-2014. This solution saves time by making it easier to leave your belongings. I hope that the return to the previous system of T-zone will be positive change. SHIMANO will support you in the T-zone.

Technical Checkup and Pasta Party. The check-in will take place on Friday 23.06 at 19.00 for the 28.25 and 56.5, and on Saturday 24.06 at 19.00 for the distance of 112.99; Relay and 226. Technical briefing will include all information about the course of the event, the rules and routes of the competition. That’s why I recommend that everyone take part in it. Technical briefing will take place on the ground stands located opposite the screen, where you will be able to follow briefings. In this way you will be sure that all information about the start of the event will be well known to you. After the technical briefing, we invite you to party paste, which will be issued at the decorative island in the POSiR area (under the stands where the technical briefing took place) between 20.00 and 21.00.

Day of start

Access to the competition area from Warszawska and Krańcowa streets is possible in the following days and hours:

23.06 all day
24.06 till 7.00 and after 2.00 pm
25.06 to 6.00 and after 17.00

For those arriving by car, we recommend the following options:
1.Parking Poznań Zoo – ul. Krańcowa 81, arrival until 7 am and departure after 14 pm on Saturday; Until 6 pm and after 5 pm on Sunday (paid parking, price list on www.zoo.poznan.pl);
2. Maltese Terraces – ul. Term 1, open for the whole duration of the competition (paid parking – part free of charge and free of charge);
3. Parking Malta-Ski, ul. Wiankowa 2, open throughout the competition (paid parking);

Once you reach the competition zone, I recommend re-entering the T-zone and checking the technical condition of the equipment. We also recommend the installation of gels, bars, isotonics or other bicycle products at this time (if you see the need to take your own produtcs).

Upon departure from the T-zone, you will be able to leave your items in a hangar at the start of a THAI INDIA restaurant on Saturday 7am – 4pm and on Sundays from 6am to 11pm. As mentioned earlier in the starter packages you will find a sticker that you must put on the bag that you deposit. Bag collection is only possible upon presentation of the start number.

When you are ready you must go to the starting zone where the Aqua-Speed ​​gate and the time-lap mat are located. The gate can only pass when the start wave you are assigned to is started. On Saturday at 8:00  the first wave starts from a distance of 28.5, and then every 5 minutes a second wave of triathletes competing at a distance of 28.5. At 10 o’clock we will start the wave of the wave at a distance of 56.5 (PRO category and President’s Cup) and the next wave will start every 5 minutes. A total of 6 waves will start. On Sunday at 7.00, starters will start at a distance of 226. Triathletes will start in one wave. Next at 9.00, the first wave of triathletes will start  112.99 (the first age category). Then the competitors will take off every 5 minutes. Total 4 waves will start.

As usual, in Poznan start is taking place “out of water”, that is, when you pass through the gate with the inscription Aqua Speed ​​you have to swim to the starting zone. The start line will be clearly labeled and will be located between two white Aqua Speed ​​buoys. Remember that the overrun of the start line before the start signal can be disqualified by the referee. At the start signal (shot from the cannon) you will start the course  competition. The swimming route will be clearly marked. Before the start of the first wave at any distance, the jet ski will show the swimming route, pay special attention to it. Competitors must know the swimming route and overcome it themselves. The judge of the competition accompanies the staff on the swimming tour and is careful to observe the rules. The judge can not point to the competitor in the direction he or she is going and the route. Athletes starting at 28.25 will have 2 buoys, the athletes will have to go for a distance of 56.5 on 4 of them, 112.99 on the distance, and the competitors on the distance 226 will have to wear 12 buoys. For example, a 56.5 runner must swim to the starting zone. He starts the tour of the race between the two white Aqua Speed ​​voyages and flows towards the first big buoy.  When you will reach the second buoy, pass it on your right shoulder and turns right behind the buoy towards starting line. We will go clockwise. When we pass another (third) buoy with right shoulder we turn and swim towards the return to the finish of the swimming route. Moving towards the finish of the swimming route (Red Gate of the Challenge Family) we pass the fourth buoy (again right shoulder) and swim straight to the finish of the swimming route.

When we reach the shore, we run out of the water at the marked spot (Red Challenge Familly gate) and through the mat of the time measurement we go to the change zone where we left our bike (numbered places – according to the starting number). At the entrance to the change zone, do not sit on the ground and pull the foam. At the runway you can only pull the foam to half. You can then remove the cap and goggles. When you reach your position, you pull off the foam and, with the eyeglasses and cap, place everything in your container (box). Then put on your shoes, start number (visible on the back of the bicycle route) and helmet and remove the bike from the rack, move on the bicycle route leading the bike. The zone of change is through, ie the riders are running out on a cycling route from the opposite corner of the zone from which they ran into it. We get on the bike only after running through the starting beam where the judge will be. It is permissible to go to barefoot with shoes pedaled. After crossing the starting beam (line painted on the asphalt), you start the cycle stage.

Remember on the entire cycle tour is obliged to absloutny the ban on removing and downloading the bike helmet. There is also an absolute ban on drafting. Judges will watch over and penalize yellow cards, and even in extreme cases, disqualify them. The distance from the previous bike is 10m. On the cycling route there will be a SHIMANO stationary service (intersection of Krańcowa and Warszawaska streets) and two SHIMANO mobile services. However, I recommend that you equip your bike with a set of Allen keys and a spare tire / cage in the event of a crash. With a large amount of intervention, the wait time for Shimano’s team support can be considerably extended.

The entire cycling route will be marked with kilometer signs set every 10 kilemetres. Triathletes have to pass one loop at a distance of 28.25; One loop at a distance of 56.5; Two loops at a distance of 112.99 and four loops at a distance of 226.

Athletes at a distance of 226 must overcome two more loops before they pass into Krańcowa Street towards t-zone. Due to the ongoing renovation work on Warszawska Street, a narrow section of the route will be narrowed to a width of one meter approximately 300 meters above the bridge over Cybin. 

On the cycling route there will be nutrition points: one at a distance of 28.25; Two points fed at a distance of 56.5; 4 points at a distance of 112.99 and 8 points at a distance of 226. Athletes taking a distance of 28.25 will receive food, bananas, water and isotnik. Competitors starting at the remaining distances at the first point will receive bananas, energy bars, water and isotnik.

After cycling  distance, the competitors are heading back to the t-zone on Krańcowa Street.  Remember that you must not remove the helmet before we reach the t-zone. Only when the bike is hung up on the hanger can remove the helmet. Then we put things from the cycling stage into the container and put things on the running stage. The number should be placed in front during the running stage. On the cross-country trail we run down the corridor from which we ran from the swimming stage.

The cross-country trail runs around Lake Maltese on relatively equal tarmac. Athletes starting at a distance of 28.25 after their departure from the zone of change will overcome one incomplete lap and after going down the slope Malta Ski will head towards the finish of the competition. Athletes over a distance of 56.5 run one more lap before heading for the finish line, and the 112.99 triathletes will need to add 2 more laps before reaching the finish line. WARNING CHANGING THE DISTANCE OF 226! The distance 226 is changed. The triathletes will have to run 8 laps around the Maltese Lake instead of the previous 4 laps. The change of route is related to the lack of approval of the management of the Poznan Zoo, in connection with the route running through their area. In addition, in agreement with the Partners and sponsors on the loop around Malta, fans will be supported: the Maltese Term, the RED BULL Fan Point, the WAKE PARK Water Park, and the Hotel Park  Fan Point. Thanks to these points and attractions prepared for the fans, the triathletes will be cheered by hundreds of fans during the race on the cross country. Organizing a 5 kilometer cross-country trail around the Maltese Lake will also allow for better protection of your medical care route. Cross-country trails in the forest are difficult terrain and can result in many injuries, especially for those who take such long distances.  For all racers starting Sunday, an additional point will be prepared for measuring the amount of laps and a screen with the starting number of the rider and the number of laps he has accomplished. The point will be 500 meters before the finish of the race, which will clearly and legibly inform you at what stage of the race you are. I hope that the introduction of this solution and the organization of additional fan zones will not only contribute to facilitating the start of the 226 riders, but will also improve the comfort and attractiveness of the race.

There will be 2 nutrition points on the race track for triathletes at 28.25. The points to wait for you will be: the first point – water, isotonic drinks, oshee gel, oranges, sponges; Second point – water, isotonic drinks, Oshee jelly and bananas. For players at distances 56.5; 112,99 and 226 will wait: first point – water, isotonic drinks, oshee gel, oranges, sponges; Second point – water, isotonic drinks, Oshee jelly, sponges and bananas; Third point – water, isotonic drinks, Oshee jelly, oranges and sponges. In the case of high temperatures on the cross-country track, two water curtains will be set.

Once you have completed the distance on the runway, head to the finish line, where you will be waiting for you with well deserved medals and a food zone: pizza, buns, oranges, watermelons, energy bars, beer, isotopes, water and cold water pools.

Showers will be in the building POSiR ul. Wiankowa 3 (above the hangar deposit) and the massage zone (COMPEX) will be at the deposit zone, so in the hangar next door.

Picking a bike from the change zone is only possible after showing the winning number and after putting the starter chip. At the exit zone, the athletes will pass through the mat of the time measurement, which will verify the starting number and the name of the player. After passing through the mat, the player passes the chip and can exit the zone with the bike. That’s why – please do not leave the chip.

Results and photos will be published immediately after the event. Each contestant will receive a sms with his time and place. The decorations of the competitors will take place at 2:00 pm on Saturday and at 8:00 pm on Sunday. The competitor who took first place in the Poznań City Cup (PRO competitors) category K and M will receive 2500 € for 1st place, 2nd place 1000 euros, 3rd place 500 euros. Athletes in the age brackets 1-3 receive souvenir statues.

This office will be open from Wednesday, June 28th, and please contact us at adminracja@endusport.pl and photos will be posted on the FB profile, where you will be able to see what you have found, after finding the lost item, please contact the above e -mail.

I hope this information set will be useful for you and will answer most of the questions related to the start of the Challenge Poznan 2017. In the nearest days of our Poznan event, we will have a lot of useful information on our website and FB events. Remember, however, that your attendance at technical briefing is extremely important.

I wish you all successful training in the last days of preparation for the event and see you in Poznan at the finish!

Wojciech Kruczyński
Challenge Director Poznan