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Special insurance package for Challenge Poznan 2017! Insure your start and the ability to opt !!!
Thanks to the cooperation with TU Europa, each of the triathletes, who will participate in Challenge Poznań will receive NNW insurance and the opportunity to receive additional option for cancellation insurance.
More information can be found at: http://tueuropa.pl/ubezpieczenie-nnw-sport.htm
The standard package can be extended with many additional options, such as:
– Insurance of costs of withdrawing from participation in sport events. By signing up for competitions, often for several months before they start, you can insure costs of start fees, which are often high. When you buy insurance you can expect, that you will receive reimbursement of expenses,
– Liability insurance, which protects you against claims made by those who were harmend, such as damaging to someone leg while playing football, or causing a collision on a ski slope,
– Insurance of sports equipment that you use and the cost of the loan, when an accident or sudden illness prevent the use of it,
– Daily hospital allowance,
– Reimbursement of the costs of rehabilitation,
– Reimbursement of the costs of rescue,
– Reimbursement of medical expenses.